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Understanding Boundary Surveys: Hiring a Property Surveyor is Important

Understanding Boundary Surveys

Understanding Boundary Surveys

Are you about to purchase a new property? Or maybe you’re planning to put up a fence, build an addition to your home, or develop land for a commercial purpose? In any of these situations, one essential step that you shouldn’t overlook is obtaining a boundary survey. A boundary survey is a detailed map that shows the precise location of your property lines and the features, such as buildings, trees, and fences, that lie within them. In this post, we’ll discuss what boundary surveys are, why they’re important, and what you can expect to gain from working with a professional property surveyor.

What are boundary surveys?

A boundary survey is a process that involves measuring and mapping a property’s legal boundaries, including its exact dimensions and positions relative to neighboring properties’ boundaries. A land surveyor or property surveyor typically conducts boundary surveys using specialized equipment such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Total Stations, and the final product is a detailed survey that precisely shows the boundaries.

Why should you hire a property boundary surveyor?

Hiring a property boundary surveyor is essential for several reasons. First, a boundary survey can confirm that the property you are purchasing is accurately described in the title deed and that there are no hidden encroachments that could come up later and surprise you. Such encroachments may result from adverse possession or deliberate building across the property line. Second, a boundary survey may also be necessary for local building codes and zoning requirements. Lastly, if you’re planning to develop the property in the future, a boundary survey can help you avoid disputes with neighbors, keeping you on the safe side of the law.

What can you expect to learn about your property once you receive a boundary survey?

Once you receive your boundary survey from your property surveyor, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your property’s boundary lines and the positions of any features that lie within them. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into the easements that allow public access to your property, the types of soil present on the land, and the overall terrain of your property. Other relevant information such as zoning designations for the area and property, the proximity of water sources, and flood zones may also appear on your survey. You’ll have a wealth of information to guide your decision-making.

Hire Ludlow Engineers and Associates for all your boundary survey needs
When it comes to property surveying services, you want a reputable surveyor with years of experience in land surveying. Contact Ludlow Engineers and Associates to obtain fast, professional, and efficient surveying services. Their in-house team consists of licensed surveyors with extensive experience in various surveying disciplines, so you can trust them to deliver accurate and reliable survey results.

Understanding Boundary Surveys Conclusion:

In conclusion, getting a boundary survey before purchasing or developing a property is a crucial step in avoiding legal complications and ensuring that you’re getting what you paid for. Ludlow Engineers and Associates can help you get this task done efficiently and reliably. By hiring a professional property surveyor, you’ll be confident in your property’s boundaries and can focus on developing the land according to plan.