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Land and Property Survey Costs for Utah Residents

Land and Property Survey Costs for Utah Residents

At Ludlow Engineering and Associates LLC, a large part of our services involve depicting accurate costs for land and property surveys. There are various land survey services that can be performed based on the sizes and shapes of properties and additional factors. We specialize in analyzing and collecting data on these factors to outline the ideal property line survey cost for your Utah residence or facility. From there, you’ll have the information you need to proceed with ALTA surveys or get a clearer insight into the potential for future projects on your property or land.

When you call for a land and property survey, we will need the following items:

  • Legal description
  • County Plat Map
  • Find out where the survey is needed
  • Request information to be sent to travisludlow@MSN.com; Have them place this in the subject line: New Survey Quote
  • Provide an estimate with parameters
  • Estimates will be provided within 2–3 hours

How Much Does It Cost To Survey My Property?

With Ludlow Engineering and Associates LLC, you can expect a survey property line cost to begin as low as $1025. Depending on the general parcel, they can run as high as $1800-2800. For commercial properties or prominent residential locations needing additional services, the property bound survey cost can go up. ALTA surveys cost much more than a boundary survey or general land survey costs, but our specialists will give a clearer insight into what you can generally expect when we inspect your land.

Meanwhile, you can keep track of all the factors that go into a land survey cost or property survey cost. With these considerations in mind, you can break down how each category relates to your Utah property to better understand what you’ll be expected to pay.


Size is quite possibly the most crucial factor to consider. Your survey will likely be on the higher end with a larger-sized lot, which is especially the case for commercial facilities in Utah and around the country. That said, the larger the lot, the cheaper the price per acre, so having a larger plot of land can make a significant difference per acre.

Terrain Type

In general, flatter terrains can expect a lower land survey cost, while more fluctuations and obstructions lead to a higher cost. Residential properties often reside on flatter or more stable land, while commercial properties may be located in areas with hills, trees, and complex terrains.

Survey Type

Depending on the survey you choose, you’ll face different operation costs. A topographical survey — typically only ordered by engineers or architects — may require much more than a typical boundary survey. Not sure what survey you need? Ludlow Engineering and Associates can help.


For research-intensive surveys like topographical ones, the survey property line cost will likely be much higher. This can be negated if records are readily available. But if that’s not the case, surveyors may have to sift through locations, specific sites, and documents that take up time and resources.


Survey jobs require research, accurate measurements, and accurate information. This means time constraints are often a no-go. Jobs performed with a time limit will usually come with an enhanced land survey cost due to the expedited nature of a complex job.

Residential Property Survey Cost

You can expect your residential property survey cost to vary based on the size of the property, its location, and its complexity. Generally, you can expect to pay less for residential properties due to their smaller size and lesser requirements in the research and terrain type departments. Residential properties also won’t nearly as often have specialized requirements, especially if the land is already well-researched and documented. Our land survey team will work to narrow down these factors to identify an accurate property bound survey cost for your residence.

Commercial Property Survey Cost

Are you an owner of a business or facility in Utah looking for a clearer understanding of your potential survey property line cost? A commercial property survey cost will typically vary because of the inclusion of more factors than your standard residential location. This is often a result of a tremendous difference in size but can also be due to special services needed or travel time considerations. Additionally, your land survey cost or property survey cost may fluctuate based on the age of the land and its geographical location. Regardless, Ludlow Engineering and Associates LLC will be able to pinpoint your commercial property line survey cost to help resolve disputes between neighbors, add new land developments, or fulfill any other desires.

Get Detailed Land and Property Survey Costs From Ludlow Engineering and Associates LLC

Before beginning your land or property survey journey, turn to an experienced company in Utah that can outline the entire process and give you precisely what you can expect. Ludlow Engineering and Associates LLC is home to the finest experts in the industry, with over 40 years of service dedicated to providing accurate results and timely analysis.

No matter the project, you’ll receive the peace of mind needed that will allow you to rest easy throughout the process of finding out your property line survey cost or project design and implementation process. We’ll help align your family or team with innovative solutions that maximize the value of your project while ensuring things are completed in a timely, safe, and affordable manner. Now’s the time to leave us in charge of finding your residential and commercial property survey costs.